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Deep House Cleaning

Recommended for first time clients.

  • 5 hr
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Deep clean includes: *Wipe down ⁃ baseboards ⁃ Light switches ⁃ Doors/door frame ⁃ Blinds ⁃ Window tracks ⁃ Windows ⁃ Cabinets from top to bottom (bathroom/kitchen) ⁃ Celling fans ⁃ Light fixtures ⁃ Remove soap scum ⁃ Disinfect handles/door knobs ⁃ Picture frames ⁃ Furniture ⁃ Air vents *Scrub down stove top and vent *Scrub down oven inside and out *Clean the areas behind and beneath appliances *Hard to reach areas behind and beneath furniture *Thorough 2 pass mopping and sweeping. *polish countertops and polish stainless steel appliances.

Contact Details

(530) 845 7909

704 Franklin Avenue

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